Custom Portraits in 3 Simple Steps

Maggie Messer Photography Specializes in Custom Portraits instead of Digital Files.


3 Simple Steps to Create Custom Portraits.

1. The Design Consultation

2. The Session

3. The Ordering Appointment


That's all you need to enjoy beautiful portraits designed specifically for your family & home.

Custom Wall Portraits

Session Info

The Design Consultation

We Start with the End in Mind. We will plan your portrait session around the products you want and where you will display them.

The Session

Since all the planning has already been done, there's nothing left but to enjoy the experience.

The Ordering Appointment

Together we will narrow down your favorite portraits and finalize the product details.

The Turn Around

Depending on the products you order, delivery is typically 6-8 weeks after The Ordering Appointment.

Smaller products such as Gift Prints and Cards can be produced in a shorter turn around if needed.

The Investment

Everyone is different, but most clients spend about $1500 for their Custom Portraits.

The Studio

After 16 years of hosting a Residential Studio in my home, we are excited to share a Custom Portrait Experience in a Commercial Space.



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