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Confidence Through the Lens

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Amy M's 40 over 40 Portrait Experience

February 12, 20244 min read

“As I age I find beauty in the simple things of life. I embrace my natural self, working on peace, serenity, and confidence. It's the genuine smile on my face and the genuine kindness I extend to others that matter

Amy tells us about her philosophy that helps celebrate her age. She is down-to-earth, sincere, and dedicated to her craft as a real estate agent. Amy's warm and genuine smile extends to everyone, creating an aura of trust that surrounds her. Her journey in life involves a deep-seated confidence she has forged over time through hard work and a passion for what she does. As a top-tier real estate agent, Amy goes beyond the usual limits of her profession. She's not just about complex property deals; she stands out as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and steadfast commitment for all her clients. 

Austin Portrait Photographer

Amy has many notable accomplishments in her life. She started playing tennis at 38, and now she plays at a competitive level. Amy also hit a milestone by getting sober at 46. This decision became the foundation for her to chase after her dreams. By putting God first and staying present in every moment, Amy dedicates herself to others, providing as much help as possible to those in her life. To top it off, she got her Real Estate license at 52 and quickly became one of the best in the business within just three years—a life beyond what she ever imagined.

In challenging times in her life, Amy leans on the twelve principles of recovery, weaving honesty, hope, faith, courage, and more into her everyday life. These principles not only shape who she is but also make her relationships and pursuits richer. Amy's big why in life revolves around travel, family, and financial freedom. Her hard work is a means to enjoy life fully, free from debt, and to extend a helping hand to others along the way.

Amy's career took a significant turn when she discovered Brian Buffini and embraced his Real Estate coaching. His methods became the building blocks for forming genuine connections, helping Amy succeed in a Real Estate business centered around referrals. Amy started her journey in Real Estate back in 1997 in Georgia. Despite facing challenges along the way, she resumed her path in Texas, fueled by a passion for creating opportunities and assisting others. 

While she excels in her real estate career, Amy discovers joy in teaching yoga, engaging in competitive tennis, and finding grounding in daily prayer and meditation. Her mission is simple yet profound: to create a positive impact on the lives of those around her. “I practice daily prayer and meditation and my main purpose in life is to help others”, she says. 

“The fact that everything I focus on daily involves helping others whether it is in the gym, my meetings, or my Real Estate work, it helps me keep beauty and aging in perspective”, Amy answers our question about how her profession influences her perspective in aging and beauty. She understands that true beauty stems from treating others well, and her commitment to personal excellence inspires those she helps to be their best selves.

Speaking of her thoughts on our “40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition”, Amy warmly invites every woman to prioritize themselves and indulge in the transformative magic of a good photography session. Amy shares her own experience with Maggie, expressing how she felt genuinely recognized and celebrated. According to her, Maggie's lens didn't just capture pictures; it encapsulated the very essence and personality that make her unique. “I loved the sweet moments and laughter we shared throughout the entire shoot”, she adds further. 

Amy collaborates with high-achieving agents throughout the U.S. and Canada, making her a vital link to ensure clients receive top-notch real estate, no matter where they plan to relocate. If you're looking for assistance, Amy is ready to help, as anyone seeking her guidance is considered an ideal client. Amy's commitment to learning and working closely with industry experts highlights her dedication to providing exceptional service. Supporting Amy's real estate endeavors is straightforward – just connect her with friends or family who are thinking about a move. Amy handles everything in the real estate process, from guiding first-time homebuyers to aiding experienced investors. Amy McCarthy Realtor, GRI®

Amy leaves readers with a treasure trove of advice—be authentic, compassionate, and creative. Seek courage, empathy, and humility. Embrace gratitude, strength, and resilience. These practices, she believes, will foster wisdom, deep understanding, and the ability to live one's best life.

Celebrate yourself by gifting yourself your own 40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition.

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Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer
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