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Michele I's 40 over 40 Portrait Experience

February 12, 20244 min read

“Age is just a number. Although I love numbers, they don't always tell the truth!”

Michele tells us about her philosophy when it comes to embracing age, which is to welcome every day as a precious gift. Her approach involves cherishing both the tangible and intangible lessons that come her way. Michele sees herself as a sum of important roles that bring genuine fulfillment. Her love for a rich and varied life is anchored in the meaningful connections of family, faith, and community, which mold her identity with depth and strength.

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“I would say it is now!”, Michele tells us about the pivotal moment in her career. After gaining valuable experience working with Original Equipment Manufacturers, she has taken on a leadership role at Rinvio Energia, LLC. Here, she is actively building partnerships with top players in the energy sector. The diverse paths of her career are coming together, creating a significant and promising present filled with possibilities. It's a pivotal turning point for Michele, marked by the convergence of her professional experiences into a moment of great potential.

“I am blessed with 3 cool kiddos”, Michele can’t help but smile big. Among her many impressive achievements in career, her most significant accomplishment radiates a brilliant light—her children. Her commitment towards never giving up helps her maneuver through the challenges that come her way with grace. “I realize the importance of my family as a strong foundation, and I am glad in the moments of failure and depression. My husband and I did not give up on the pursuit of family because of this "never give up attitude”, she says. 

Michele's definition of beauty goes beyond the surface. Embracing herself, imperfections and all, has been quite a journey, especially challenging in her younger years. She shares with us how the pressure to maintain ageless beauty is a delicate balance, with societal expectations often overshadowing one’s beauty that deepens over time. She sees beauty as a personal and subjective experience. 

“I love a strong network of bright, resilient, and bold women”, she reflects on her response to societal views of women over 40. She recognizes the societal pressures that women face when it comes to aging which are not applied to men. She openly discusses how cosmetic treatments like Botox, often sought after by women, highlight these inequalities. She doesn't shy away from this conversation and even shares her own experience, having undergone such procedures. “I have done these two or three times since turning 40; however, I am also trying to keep my frown line, so my husband and other business associates know when I am not happy with a decision we are discussing!”, she laughs. 

When speaking of how those societal perceptions have affected her professional journey, she becomes rather passionate. “I selected to pull from the US Bureau of Labor reports that reviewed 50 years of women in the workforce from 1950 to 2000. In the 1950s women in the workforce accounted for approximately 18 million out of a total of 62 million workers.  Compared to 2000, where women in the workforce accounted for about 66 million out of 141 million workers. This is approximately a 17.8% growth of women represented in the workforce over that specific 50-year period.” Comparing her own experiences with those of her mother, Michele acknowledges the improvements but also emphasizes that there is still work to be done. While celebrating the achievements so far, she recognizes the ongoing need for more progress to ensure a balanced and fair market for women.

We then discuss her experience being a participant in the “40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition”. “If you are considering participating, I highly recommend this experience”, she says. She also fondly reflects how Maggie did a great job in making her comfortable in front of the camera. “Maggie's 21 years of business and dedication showed at every interaction, and I feel I have learned from the entire experience what excellent customer service can provide to the end user”, she shares. 

On that note, we move on to discuss a little more about Rinvio Energia, where the ideal client understands the pivotal role of energy and aims to eliminate inefficiencies in their business systems. Michele is enthusiastic about the upcoming projects at Rinvio Energia. Her dedication to transformative energy solutions is evident in her emphasis on empowering clients with real-time data understanding and delivering outcomes that leave a lasting impression. As a visionary leader, Michele views these ventures as chances to create a meaningful and long-lasting impact.

Those inspired by Michele's journey or interested in supporting her work can visit or find her on LinkedIn. The company's commitment to delivering impactful energy solutions aligns with Michele's vision for a future where intentional actions lead to transformative outcomes.

Celebrate yourself by gifting yourself your own 40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition.

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New Braunfelss Portrait Photographer

New Braunfelss Portrait Photographer
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