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Monica Rai S's 40 over 40 Portrait Experience

February 12, 20244 min read

She defies conventional labels, identifying herself as an ever-evolving “creatrix”, embodying the qualities of depth, vibrancy, and creativity. Her power lies not just in her many accomplishments in life, but in the moments that forced her to question everything, emerging as the source of her own truth.

She is a seeker on a profound journey of self-discovery. She is Monica Rai Silver, and goes by the name Maven. As a certified yoga teacher, artist, musician, Dragon Queen, and earth lover, Maven gracefully dances to the rhythm of her unique existence.

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"I am an evolving being and Ama to two little dragon boys. I love creating and nourishing communities in pursuit of setting us all free", she says. "...and burning the rest down!", she adds with a laugh. Maven is a multifaceted being. She is on a mission to ignite freedom within ourselves while embracing her own growth. Transitioning from the complex world of corporate network security to the expansive landscapes of soul work, Maven's journey explores heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

During Maven's twenties, she experienced a contrast between freedom and obedience, navigating between her playful, free-spirited self and a commitment to a strict religion and a challenging marriage. This era of her life taught her many valuable lessons about the strength of loyalty and authenticity. “My 30's were about watching my career unfold”, she says. She continues how the third decade of her life was an amalgamation of many unforgettable experiences. Including a successful career, therapy, divorce, crafting a home that reflected her true self, love affairs, and the birth of a nonprofit organization stemming from grassroots connections. It was a wild ride of self-discovery and new beginnings for her.

At 41, Maven faced a whirlwind of life-altering events — birthing her second child, navigating a pandemic, and extricating herself from a toxic marriage with two small children in tow. Rather than being shaped, Maven describes this period as an "
un-shaping," an invitation to question, reframe, and rediscover herself. It became a journey of survival, healing, and motherhood that transformed the very fabric of her existence.

“A woman in her anger is a world changer. We need more angry women”, she responds passionately to our question on dealing with the societal pressure of women ‘doing it all’. She sees anger as something holy and sacred, a tool that can help amplify the voices and the presence of women. “We need to know HOW to feel and hold the rage, because it's not been an emotion that is "acceptable" for women - because if we embrace it, and allow it to enlarge our voices, presence, and boundaries, then the world changes”.

For Maven, beauty is synonymous with life itself. Maven's journey towards embracing her unique beauty is a joyful act that involves being true to herself. She explores what genuinely feels like her authentic self, letting her inner child guide her in choosing daily outfits. Honesty becomes crucial as Maven dresses, behaves, and speaks in a way that truly reflects who she is, without being constrained by societal expectations. 

Her answer to what makes her feel beautiful is poetic. “Dancing, creating art, laughing my ass off like a loud witch, being on any kind of water, laying on the earth, eating delicious food—and moaning about how good it is out loud, after every bite. Dirty in the mud or rain, or freshly showered and wearing something that my whole soul says YES to. Sitting in a circle of humans who are deeply listening and hearing and speaking to one another. Doing photo shoots, meditating, and tom-foolery”, she goes on while her sunshine-esque aura lights up the room. 

For Maven, self-love is about asking questions, getting to know oneself, and taking care of one's well-being. Maven nurtures self-love through enjoyable activities like dancing, creating art, laughing, spending time in nature, and engaging in meaningful conversations. She has a valuable lesson she wishes she had learned earlier: the significance of questioning everything. She encourages people to be the source of their own truth, to build trust in their instincts, and to make decisions with a deep understanding. 

Maven is taking part in the "40 over 40 Portrait Experience and Exhibition" with a meaningful goal: to share a strong message that connects with women globally. She encourages women not just to accept aging but to actively celebrate it. In wrapping up her story, Maven shares a powerful reminder. “Yes, it's as bad as it was, or is. Yes, you can still stay. Yes, it won't last forever. You are not alone. You deserve to be here. You deserve to be seen, heard, respected, and loved. We need you - we need your voice, your dreams, your inventions and song and body and soul. We need it all, the world needs us all”.

Celebrate yourself by gifting yourself your own 40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition.

Listen to Monica Rai's Inspiration about feeling beautiful


Featuring the women at the Feb 3, 2024 Exhibition

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