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Terri C's 40 over 40 Portrait Experience

February 12, 20245 min read

Terri's definition of beauty goes beyond appearances. It's rooted in authenticity, joy, and a sense of fulfillment. For her, feeling beautiful is a reflection of inner contentment, a glow that radiates when she's true to herself.

"I don't seek beauty; I seek joy," she emphasizes. "When I'm full of joy, I know I am beautiful. My beauty is in my essence, and I don't have time to curate that for social media. In the world of websites and platforms, my essence is my beauty, and that's what truly matters."

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Terri's one word to describe her life is “beautiful chaos”. In her 20s, she fearlessly explored and discovered her own faith and values, revealing her true potential. Transitioning into her 30s, Terri faced the challenges of building her family, experiencing both grief and joy. Dealing with the complexities of conceiving and the loss of a child became a crucible, forging the strength and stability that define her family today. Now in her 40s, Terri describes this time as one of hard work, balancing the needs of a young family, re-entering the workforce, and making significant life changes. 

"Right now, I'd say I'm a nurturer," Terri tells us about herself, her voice carrying the warmth of someone who truly understands the art of giving. "I nurture young minds eager to navigate the real estate world, collaborate with ambitious realtors, pour into my children’s charter school, and teach classes and workshops. It's a season of nurturing, not just my own but everyone around me." Her enthusiasm peaks when she speaks of serving causes close to her heart. "I get excited to see what God can do through me when I focus on serving others. That's where my high-spirited and practical side kicks in—making a real impact."

When it comes to professional accomplishments, Terri beams with pride as she talks about a special moment. "I'm really proud of helping a 68-year-old veteran who had never owned a home before," she says. This veteran had been through a lot with visible scars from 13 deployments, and money was tight. Terri didn't give up and worked hard to get him a home in Texas without property taxes. Thinking back on it, Terri says, "I'm sure it was the time and attention I put into it that made it happen, and it's something I'll always remember."

In dealing with the pressure on women to handle everything, Terri brings a fresh outlook. "I'm not great at doing it all," she says honestly. She prefers taking life one season at a time. Whether it's concentrating on her kids, advancing her career, or helping others when they need it, Terri decides not to spread herself too thin by trying to be everything for everyone. Adding a touch of humor, she shares a recent change – opting for easy Factor meals and chicken nuggets instead of cooking, a simple adjustment in her current life season that highlights her ability to balance with a smile.

Terri fearlessly confronts the realities of aging with a raw honesty that is both empowering and liberating. By addressing the natural changes that accompany age, she normalizes the human experience, proving that embracing vulnerability is a path to strength. "Hair thinning where you want it and growing where you don’t, peeing when you sneeze, vaginal dryness, periods that are spells of flood and spells of drought, once you know you hit menopause it’s over; educate yourself on perimenopause. This normalizes being human." Terri's philosophy on aging is grounded in openness and authenticity. She encourages a candid dialogue, challenging societal expectations and promoting a culture where individuals feel empowered to share their truths, even if uncomfortable.

Being part of the "40 over 40 Portrait Experience and Exhibition" was an affirming experience for Terri. She expresses deep gratitude for Maggie's care and concern, emphasizing the thoughtful guidance throughout the preparation and the session itself. "During my session, I felt like I was with a sister," she reflects. "Maggie had a keen eye for my comfort and needs, giving me permission to be attentive to myself and my appearance. It made me feel seen and celebrated in a way that goes beyond the surface—it touched the essence of who I am."

In the next phase of her career, Terri is immersed in a project close to her heart. "I am working on a project to raise down payments for teachers," she reveals. Through the HomeFundIt program, Terri aims to sponsor 50 teachers to homeownership in 2024, pooling donors, grants, and programs to empower educators. Terri's ideal client is not just a transaction; it's a partnership. "My ideal client is an ambitious hard-working realtor – that could also be a friend," she shares.

Finally, she has some great advice for women starting out on their journey. "Go on trips, take classes, gather as many experiences as you can!”. 

For those looking to connect Terri, email her at [email protected] or visit her website at .  You can also support her work by telling her about a realtor you love working with.  Or sharing with someone you know who has a stable job but needs help with credit, financing or long-range financial housing choices.  You can also introduce her to a young, excited want-to-be investor.  And even by telling her  about a business that would benefit from stabilizing their workforce by helping talent put down roots or helping  new hires buy.

Celebrate yourself by gifting yourself your own 40 over 40 Portrait Experience & Exhibition.

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Georgetown Portrait Photographer

Georgetown Portrait Photographer
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