Nostalgic Christmas Portraits

featuring Santa & your Child

Imagine a Story of a Child's dream the night before Christmas. In the Child's dream they go to Santa's workshop to tell Santa their wish.

Maggie Messer Photography will be creating this dream through a storybook session featuring Santa and your child.

The storybook session is conducted like a play. This helps keep the interaction between Santa and the child connected. There will be several acts of the play, each with their own story to capture. During the session, each child will receive their very own Magic Box and Wish Book from Santa. These gifts become a new Christmas tradition that creates a time capsule of beautiful family memories. A gift that will never be thrown away and cherished for generations.




As some of you may know, in September, I ventured to Nashville to study with Larry Hersberger at Kissing Tree Studios. Here I learned the art of directing this magical, storytelling play. I not only learned how to instruct Santa, but how to keep the child and Santa interacting. In these moments is where we will be capturing the precious expressions on your child's face.


We not only learned about working with Santa and the children, but also about set design, set placement and various other elements that will pull together this story telling play.


We have learned the art of creating the special magic that makes your final images come alive.


We are working hard to prepare out set. You can see the progress below. We also already have a dress rehearsal with Santa and a special child prior to these sessions. We want everything to be just perfect before the child's special day.


To make each storybook unique, I'll be asking about special items you can bring. Perhaps a toy you played with as a child or even your parents. Start thinking about this, but we will discuss this more during our Design Consultation.


I look forward to creating these special heirloom portraits with you. Both you & your child to enjoy will leave filled with excitement and the magic of Christmas, along with new traditions for your family to enjoy years to come.



With our Nostalgic Storybook Sessions, your child will experience a private, interactive session with Santa Claus. These specialty sessions are up to one hour.



Your child won’t leave Santa’s workshop empty handed. Each child will receive Santa’s magical Gift Set. This Gift set will become a New
Family Christmas Tradition. After the session, you’ll be able to choose from a special selection of Storybooks Albums,Metal Framed Artwork, Christmas Cards, and Gift Prints.

Book Now for Oct. 20, 2018.

There is a limited number of sessions available.








The Wish Book and Magic Box




Prior to Christmas the child writes his or her Christmas wishes into the Wish Book. This back-to-back collection of wisdom will be powerful and heartfelt words-to-live-by. The child then places the Wish Book into the Magic Box, where it then becomes the child’s portal to communicate with Santa. In the 4"x5" wish book there are 20 years with 6 pages per year. Now the child can communicate with Santa from year to year. The child’s Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and other special family members are encouraged to each take a page and in their own handwriting, enter something they want the child to never forget.




The Clue and Thank You Notes




On Christmas Day the box is opened and there is a handwritten Clue Note from Santa. An adorable treasure hunt ensues the child to find their gift from Santa, this is something fun the child looks forward to year after year...of course it is something they had written in their wish book. In the child’s mind, "The Wish Book worked." At the end of Christmas day, the child fills out a Thank You Note and places it into the Magic Box...the day after Christmas, the note is gone and Santa has received the child's thank you encouraging good manners.





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