Santa Art – Nostalgic Christmas Portraits

Our Santa Experience

Forget every experience you and your child have had with your Pictures with Santa.  This will be a brand new experience for you and your child.  Your child will meet Santa Claus in a private session where they will have up to an hour of one on one time.  During this time, we will conduct a play, allowing us to create your storybook images.  Each act in the play is an experience they won’t soon forget.

The Story Book Experience

Our storybook Play is designed to create natural expressions and capture the interactions between Santa and your child. There are several acts in the play.  Each act tells another story about the child’s dream on the night before Christmas.  From Santa checking for their names in the Nice Book, to prayers before milk and cookies.  One of the most memorable and fund acts is when the child receives their magic box from Santa.  These are just a few key acts in an amazing play.  As the Parent our Grandparents, you will get to enjoy this magical play unfold before your eyes.  You will enjoy this experience as much as the children do.

What is included in the Experience?

  • A private storybook session with Santa Claus, up to 1 hour

  • A Design Consultation to create a more personalized experience

  • A $200 Portrait Credit to be applied towards your product order or additional children.  Please inquiry about products & rates.

  • Santa’s Magical Gift Set, which includes a Wish Book filled with pages you and your child can write their Christmas wishes.

  • Special Artwork created in Photoshop, hand applied by our artists to create our special finish.

  • An in person ordering appointment for help in selecting your products and finishes.

  • A personalized app you can share on your tablet or phone, showcasing all images purchased with a signed model release.


Maggie Messer Photography

Serving Central Texas & Beyond

Maggie Messer Photography

Serving Central Texas & Beyond